Best Of The Year! July-August! Bird Is the Word’ Blog #79!!



Best Of The Year! July-August! Bird Is the Word’ Blog #79!! Summer is upon us, not in reality on the U.S. east coast where I am, but here, in your friendly ‘Bird Is The Word’ blog! Ahh, thinking of summer, how I do miss those mosquitoes and all the sweat! Can you trade them for frozen extremities? I’m not sure which I dislike more, but I guess it’s the mosquitoes. Even having to think about it while in the midst of winter weather conditions I guess reveals the answer!


Starting off this entry and representing the month of July is this Northern Parula! I wish every photo I took came out nearly as well as this one! My goal is to get a better camera and make this blog a bit more photo-centric. If I had better photo’s it would only help make this blog a “must click” My Nikon P600 did a nice job with this one however! Credit where it’s due!


Northern Parula

This was the only month where only one bird was featured. Having multiple photo’s on each page allows smaller images and hides the fact that if those pictures were as large as this one they would be under-par for the most part. I’d consider this one a true “Calendar shot!”



August is very heavy on the raptors! Featuring a very red-tailed Red-tailed Hawk! Also An Owl in the daylight of the Great-horned persuasion and an Osprey with the distant landmarks recognizable to people that know this area!


Red-tailed Hawk




In photography, they say light is everything…


Great-horned Owl

A case could very much be made for timing as well!! Thankfully seconds before taking off I got more than just the back of the bird! I suppose two eyes was asking too much! Oh well, I’m O.K. with it. I like the way the yellow eyes look with the green leaves in the background


July is certainly a great month to see Osprey around here!


I like how in the background of this shot it has the out of focus bokeh effect on images miles away. A nice touch that was purely accidental I’m sure! Thanks for reading! See you next time with the months of September-October! ..and please do click the links below!