Best Of The Year! March-April! Bird Is the Word’ Blog #77!!



Best Of The Year! March-April! Bird Is the Word’ Blog #77!! Back at it and continuing the ‘Best Of 2018’ series takes us to the months of March and April!


I had heard about a Red-necked Grebe that was hanging around a marina nearby. That bird was fun to chase around as it would disappear and re-appear but even when it would move on to the adjacent marina I would always re-find it and enjoy watching it! I got to share the bird with other birders too, and it made for some really nice moments!


Red-necked Grebe



When I was looking for the Red-necked Grebe I came across this darling pair of Greater Scaup Ducks. They were always together and just adorable! One one occasion they were resting in the marina very close to the boardwalk and I was able to set up for some pretty respectable photo’s!


Greater Scaup (male)







Greater Scaup





They needed to be well represented in the calendar and of course this ‘Best Of The Year’ series!


I sat very patiently when trying to blend in to get decent Red-necked Grebe pgotographs and the Pigeons that call the marina home got used to me and started resting next to me on the boardwalk! It was sweet to earn some trust from them and that afforded some really nice photo opportunities!





This Palm Warbler is a nice spring bird for April! Sporting it's nice breeding plumage!


Palm Warbler


The Palm Warbler above was a real nice photo capture for me, as these small feisty birds, like most all Warblers aren’t known for staying still very long. My camera has a good zoom, but it does need a lot of time to focus. A lot can change from getting the image I think I’m getting to what I actually get. Usually it changes for the worse. This was one of those times that the bird fortunately stayed still and I was shocked and excited at the result! Warbler season is breathtaking, they are so stunning and beautiful!


Henslow’s Sparrow


I made a special trip to see this Henslow’s Sparrow which apparently is trying to reestablish itself in territories it had long since been forced out of. Word is this bird had a mate and that they had a successful brood! Here’s hoping! I absolutely adore all sparrows and it will be hard for me to add any to my life-list without traveling a bit! This lifer required a bit of travel, but was quite cooperative upon arrival! My camera had a tough time focusing when it was singing on a thin branch, but I tried every trick in the book and got a few pics to come out.





After a time it did sit very auspiciously and gave great looks! That same day a nice fella told me about a hotspot for Red-headed Woodpeckers. I followed him to this really cool swampy lake with lots of dead trees.  The Woodpeckers really like this habitat and it did not disappoint at all! The light was not on my side for good pictures, but it was still very cool!


Red-headed Woodpecker




Both of the times I was lucky enough to see Red-headed Woodpeckers they were both juvenile birds. This time they were all adult birds and just striking with their red heads and black wings with the prominent white feathers on them! Just beautiful!


Judging by the bare brances I'm guessing this was a winter shot and not taken in April.

Black-capped Chickadee


No calendar can be complete without a cute little chickadee, right!?? My favorite sound is the banter of Black-capped Chickadees. It always makes me smile! They are such fun and sweet birds,and when I find myself joined by a flock of them it’s always special! This one is just adorable!

Thank you to all the readers out there! I appreciate your reading of this blog, and I appreciate you clicking our links below for all things