Best Of The Year! May-June! Bird Is the Word’ Blog #78!!


Best Of The Year! May-June! Bird Is the Word’ Blog #78!! We’re already hitting the mid-point of last year! It certainly was an interesting birding year! The month of May on the calendar features a Chestnut-sided Warbler and a Green Heron. The warbler fallout just a few miles from my house was quite good! The “warbler tree” as I call it did not disappoint! The day when a Bay-breasted Warbler and this Chestnut-sided Warbler basically hung out in plain sight for the whole afternoon was quite awesome!


Chestnut-sided Warbler






No reason to not add some pics of that beautiful Bay-breasted Warbler too!


Bay-breasted Warbler




Here are a few pictures of the Green Heron that made the calendar, the salt marsh offers some fantastic views on these small Herons!



This pic above is my favorite, the ‘head-on’ shots are always fun!


The month of June brings us to what are some extra special editions to my life list. Three birds I was so excited to see!



The Pileated Woodpecker, well, there was a pretty in-depth blog entry about that experience. If you click here you can see that!!:


Pileated Woodpecker






The first Pileated Woodpecker I ever saw clearly was this male that disappeared as fast as he appeared. The other photo’s are of a female that flew in moments later and ‘clung out’ for a bit! That day ended a pretty long search for this species. I have seen them twice since then, but one observation was quite distant. The other was recently, a fly-by while looking at a Barred Owl!

This year looking for rare warblers in specialized areas resulted in some fruitful sightings. Not only did I get to see Hooded Warblers, but a second, somewhat nearby location also yielded the Golden-winged Warbler. A protected species that isn’t too easy to find without knowing where to look! Missing out on Kentucky Warblers just gives me some motivation for next spring haha. Finally a picture of a Cerulean Warbler that wasn’t completely terrible was obtained that day as well!


Hooded Warbler





Golden-winged Warbler






May and June are great times to look for migrating Warblers!

Cerulean Warbler

There were some nice additional sightings as well like Prairie Warblers and Eastern Bluebirds, this cute turtle and even a nifty snake!







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