Best Of The Year!! October!! ‘Bird Is the Word’ Blog #81!!



Best Of The Year!! October!! ‘Bird Is the Word’ Blog #81!! October is heavily based on bird experiences I had throughout last summer, and three of the birds were ‘extra-limital’ which meant driving out of state to see them. There was word of a Roseate Spoonbill the next state over and I did see that great bird, however only less than stellar photo’s were obtained.



While scanning for the Roseate I was very pleased to see some Whimbrels loafing with the Terns and Gulls! I don’t see them very much at all where I live and I was really excited to have this opportunity! Whimbrels are such awesome looking shorebirds, and that beak is too cool!!





Not seen in October, but this month showcases some excellent birding moments!

Whimbrel with Caspian Tern



Among the loafing birds there was also a few Caspian Terns! Another bird that was so accessible here that I rarely see on my local birding adventures. A impressive Tern with a monster red beak, it is quite a looker!


Caspian Tern








Seeing the Whimbrel and the Caspian Terns literally in thew same photo frame was very cool! A few hours later while getting assaulted by the marsh flies I did see the Roseate Spoonbill!



Sandwich Terns are featured in the month of October on the calendar as well! For the full story click here!:

THese snazzy Terns “turn up” locally in very small numbers and I had zero luck on them for a few years. Simply going down south to see them was the way to go for me! With a bit of looking I found a large flock of Sandwich and Royal Terns and it was one of my coolest birding memories ever! Just looking at those pictures gives me much joy!


Sandwich Tern





Seeing the Sandwich and Royal Terns many miles away was great, so when I got treated to a hang out session with a decent size flock of Royal Terns about 2 miles from my house I was happy about that as well!! There were adult and juvenile birds and the picture I used in the calendar was a noisy begging youngster being largely ignored by a non-plussed adult. The juveniles have the beaks that are more yellow in color.

These pictures were taken on a cloudy cold day in October. The Royals were surely not around much longer and soon after departed for warmer pastures I’m sure!


Royal Terns





It’s nice when some of the stories from the blog also have images that I can use in something like this calendar. Sometimes I can’t capture quality images, sometimes I get decent pics and sometimes a few photo’s are just too poor for the calendar. This year I made the cover page a montage of all great birds, mostly quite rare that my pictures are not too good. Keeping the size very small keeps it moderately respectable. But.. look forward to a lot of pixelated images coming at ya in a week or so hahaha!


These Sora pictures are worth a mention regarding blurry photographs as I saw this bird in a persistent rain. I snuck it into a regular month but just barely. It was a tough call! Hopefully no one will look too closely at the sharpness of the photo! A great celebratory moment as a birder for me and I guess I just couldn’t help but feature it prominently!






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