Best Of The Year! September!! ‘Bird Is the Word’ Blog #80!!



Best Of The Year! September! ‘Bird Is the Word’ Blog #80!! Of course many of these photo’s and birds were featured in earlier posts in this blog.  Avid readers of this blog may recall that I had a brush of luck with a rare Hudsonian Godwit before ever seeing the more “common” Marbled Godwit. Not such a bad position to be in, but I was still really buggin’ to see a Marbled!


When one was spotted somewhat nearby I hopped right on it. It was tough to get due to the hard to find legal parking and a long walk in the heat. Of course upon walking up to the bird all that was forgotten and it was really awesome to see this cool looking shorebird! The fact that I saw one a few days later, and also that a small fleet of them hung out consistently at my local beach soon after made me second guess my efforts slightly after! But hey, what can ya do! No regrets!


Marbled Godwit


This is the Marbled godwith I saw just a few days later!




Pretty awesoem beak on these birds! Representing September well!





I had so much fun observing the Marbled Godwit and got to see it groom, sleep, fly and fraternize with the American Oystercatchers!


Getting a chance to see Least Bitterns was also a birding dream that I hoped would come true! They don’t seem to be readily seen locally, so I had to travel an hour or two to see them. Totally worth it! Especially with the great looks of them I got!


Least Bittern








Hopefully by next September I will have seen them again, and maybe with a better camera!!

As much as I like to remember this beautiful chance meeting with an Eastern Meadowlark, I don’t really want to recall how many times I looked for and failed to see this species of bird! They do seem to like being quite elusive and don’t seem very fond of humans at all! Awesome birds though! I can’t wait to get another opportunity like this one. I hope it is in the cards to happen again one day!






Eastern Meadowlark






Eastern Meadowlark certainly has a high ranking for me! Thanks to these pictures it could be part of the ‘Best Of’. My previous pictures of it were quite bad…quite bad!! Til’ next time!!, thank you for reading and please do click the links below for all things