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‘Bird Is The Word’ Blog 6

  Walking around my favorite local bird spot, a conversation turned to Great Horned Owls with the fella that runs the place. You see, they have a camera set up to view the Osprey, a type of Hawk that eats mainly fish, which were just about due to arrive from migration. Expecting the Osprey any…

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‘Bird Is The Word’ Blog 5 Look to the Trees!

As the weather changes to spring, and trees begin to sprout their buds, birds are making their way to, but mostly through, my area. Today breeding plumage is seeping onto the over-wintering birds that are still here. Common Loons and Long-tailed Ducks are strutting their summer colors. But the Horned Larks have seemed to travel…

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‘Bird Is The Word’ Blog 2

A weekend beach walk yielded some great results today. My first time seeing breeding plumage Horned Grebes, something I always wanted to see! I have seen them in winter plumage so recently I sure was surprised! In my area most of our Grebes and Loons are in their winter plumage.  However their breeding plumage is really a…

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