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C.A.R.E Channel

Nature video and soothing music helps reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and reduce the need for pain medication.
C.A.R.E.® Programming
Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment®
The C.A.R.E. Channel was launched by Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith in 1992. This relaxation programming is now being used in more than 1,000 healthcare facilities in the U.S. and abroad.
C.A.R.E.’s stunning ambient nature imagery and original instrumental music has been shown to reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and reduce the need for pain medication.
A suite of products are also available for home use. C.A.R.E.® at Home includes DVDs, music CDs, an app for smart phones and mobile devices, and on-demand streaming through Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc.
C.A.R.E. at Home products can be used to create a relaxing, calm environment for those recovering from illness, dealing with everyday stress, or trying to fall asleep at night.
For more information, please visit the C.A.R.E. at Home webpage.

Dig Deep

“Like a tree, you must constantly focus on your roots growing as deep as your branches grow up and out to connect your inner being to the outer world. Philip was the bass singer of the Voices of Lee from Lee University. He has traveled across the world and sang on national television and alongside…
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Forgiveness From The Heart

Join Dr. Bonaparte every morning for a Spiritual Workout Dial (605) 313-5164 Access Code:190856# Mon to Fri @5:30 AM, EST Replay # (605) 313-5163, same access code: 190856# www.newhope.com
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Nursing from Within book cover

Nursing From Within

Move from Under the Gun to Having Fun! At a time when health care is going through major change, nurses—known for being highly capable in a crisis—are being forced to take on more and more responsibilities. In this increasingly stressful environment, nurses need new ways to make sure they are taking care of themselves so…
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Caring Science, Mindful Practice

Implementing Watson’s Human Caring Theory – A great introduction to Caring Science Kathleen Sitzman, PhD, RN, CNE Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN Through case examples and guiding activities, the book helps students and practitioners to more fully comprehend the meaning and use of each Caritas Process®.
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Nursing the Philosophy and Science of Caring

Jean’s “classic” Nursing The Philosophy and Science of Caring
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Unitary Caring Science

Unitary Caring Science: The Philosophy and Praxis of Nursing takes a profound look at conscious, intentional, reverential caring-healing as sacred practice/praxis and as a necessary turn for survival.
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The story of a son who cared for his elderly parents, the way it affected his life and how his experience is a challenge for Baby Boomers to Millennials. Publish Date: April 2016 565 Pages Price: $19.99 Preview at Amazon Purchase the Paperback or Kindle Edition From Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ED4CSD0 Preview at iBooks Purchase For iBooks From Apple https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/you-got-to-do-what-you-got-to-do/id1133014632?ls=1&mt=11
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A reverse mortgage resource book that cuts through both the positive hype from TV commercials and common negative misconceptions about a very misunderstood financial product.
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Anyone undergoing mesothelioma treatments at a cancer center may face a difficult recovery when they return home. While a person’s home may be more comfortable than a hospital full of noisy medical equipment and busy doctors and nurses in the hallways, it helps to accommodate a home to the needs and well-being of the patient. That’s why supportive services and lifestyle changes can help alleviate pain and pave the way to recovery. Due to its long latency period of 20-50 years about 80% of mesothelioma patients are senior citizens. Many of whom end up needing in-home care. The Mesothelioma Center is a 100% free resource and service center for sufferers of mesothelioma.
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The Courage to Care book cover

The Courage to Care

Approaching Death with Confidence and Sensitivity

What if you could feel confident knowing how to help and support someone who is dying? You may want to share their journey, even walk with them until their last breath, but are uncertain how to do so.

Author, end-of-life doula, and transition coach, Rev. Linda Bryce regularly sits and sings at the bedside of the dying.

The Courage to Care is your handbook, guiding you with practical advice and stories from the bedside and beyond.

  • Learn what you need to know from diagnosis to death
  • Discover what you can actually do to help the dying live—and die—well
  • Appreciate the unique role of music and bedside singing
  • Identify your special talents to be a comforting presence
  • Marvel at the mystery and wonder of death—and what comes after

Together, we can make the end of life as meaningful and memorable as the beginning. Someone is waiting, today, for you and your smiling face. May this book help you summon your courage to care and to be there at the bedside of someone who is dying.

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The Shattered Oak book cover

The Shattered Oak

A once vibrant oak tree in her yard began dying, voicing cries of help through its dead leaves and moss-covered branches. Inside the house Barbara too was in crisis, the recipient of her husband s anger and rage. As time passes Barbara can no longer stay strong. While she deals with her own demons, the oak too weakens. Based on a true story, this woman takes us inside her emotionally charged existence, letting us feel the anguish of domestic abuse, divorce, attempted suicides, and incarceration in a mental institution. A savior finally unravels the mystery surrounding her dysfunctional mental state and leads her on the path to recovery. This book is a must-read for anyone going through domestic abuse or depression, or family members who are trying to make sense out of the situation.

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The Little Book for Alzheimer's Caregivers

Every 66 seconds someone in the US develops Alzheimer's. There is so much to learn about this disease and no preparation for the journey. Most Caregivers do not have time to read a lot about Alzheimer's because they are busy with the needs of their loved one. Therefore, this is a little, concise, simple book discussing the main pitfalls and problems of this disease. First, you slowly lose the person you love and later their body slips way. Caregivers can deal with Wandering, Agitation, Hallucinations, Facility placement and finally the End of life. Caregivers are exhausted, so this is an easy to read user friendly short book to help family caregivers as well as health care workers. This book focuses on the 'Quality of Life" for everyone, living one day at a time, and suggestions for all the scary symptoms of the disease. This book is a commonsense road map for the journey that is Alzheimer's.

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