I saw a Sora! ‘Bird Is The Word’ Blog #66

I saw a Sora!! Say that 5 times fast 🙂  Up my way a Sora is probably a bird missing from many birders lists. Even more so when you consider some birders will count this bird on hearing its call alone, never actually seeing it. That happened to me in August, I finally heard one when I was looking for Virginia Rails and it was really cool! I personally don’t count that as a lifer bird, but I was seriously ecstatic to hear it! I tried to cover every angle to see if I could find it but they tend to keep to the themselves in the thick vegetation and that was a miss.


Once again the local bird list was a hero, as a post went up about a Sora sighting and I just had to try for it! It was a real rainy gray day, but to heck with it, right!!?? Back at the same location where I recently saw the Western Sandpipers I stood with umbrella in hand. This pond has known south and north entrances and wouldn’t you know I got them confused. I looked and looked and was just coming up empty which wasn’t really a surprise. This nice Semipalmated Sandpiper hung around at my feet and kept me company for awhile though, being adorable.


Semipalmated Sandpiper


Striking out I reached out in e-mail to a lifeline, a birder that had seen it that morning. I don’t like being high maintenance, but pride is a bad reason to not give myself a decent chance at the elusive Sora, a bird of the rail persuasion. Rails are all pretty good at staying well hidden. Thanks to the tips from that lifeline (thank you!!), and now with a few landmarks to look for renewed the sense of hope. Until I realized that I couldn’t even find the landmarks. Having to reach out yet again it was concluded I was indeed at the complete wrong end of the pond!


Oh boy!! No harm, just a few hours of trying not to sink in the mud while standing in the rain. Unhindered I headed to the right place and within a few moments found the correct landmarks. There was a bird or two where I was hoping to see the Sora, but alas, none were it.

And that concludes this blog entry…




This is one of those times where I got just unbelievably lucky. Scanning the side of the pond wouldn’t you know all of a sudden that Sora came out of the phragmites just about 15 feet away! Seeming completely unaware of me and giving ridiculous looks I was in absolute birdy heaven! To go from a “I’ll never see one” to “hang out with one 10 feet away for 10 minutes” was a dream scenario! My camera lens soaked in rain despite the efforts to keep it dry and the dark day did not assist in getting great photo’s. Oh well, no complaints! This was too cool!!

It sure was great seeing a Sora!








It’s nice to be able to add some video of the Sora walking around in the rain here on the blog!  Click here <sawasoraone1> and here <sawasoraone2> to see that. The video came out a bit better than the photo’s as the movement of the bird along with poor light made it hard to stop motion resulting in blurry shots with just a few decent looking ones!! This was a huge one off my life-list and this fall season has been a pretty good one! Western Sandpiper, Western Kingbird and Sora!


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